Having Fun!!!

Good Afternoon from Camp Rodney. We are having a great time. The scouts are well fed, clean (well, kinda). Right now they are back at camp in their Siesta time. The camp provides a full interactive program. Rest is part of making sure the boys get time to gear down before their next activity.
The scouts are enjoying many successes. I know they can’t wait to tell you about them. It’s natural for some scouts and leaders , for that matter, to get homesick during the first 24-48 hours. Our scouts are resilient and I believe they have conquered this.
The main reason that I love Summer camp so much is it gives leaders much bonding time with each other and the scouts. We get to learn more about each other and enjoy what we have in common. For many they’ve never been away for an extended camp experience. While away at camp they get the opportunity to shine,gain a little bit of independence, and learn new skills. I remember my camp experiences as a scout over 30 years ago. The lessons, growth experienced and friends gained have impacted my life and created great memories. That is our hope for your son.
Thank you for putting them in our care for this short amount of time. We take our role to heart and look forward to many more outings with them.
Yesterday the scouts took off early for their merit badge classes after having a flag raising ceremony in our camping area, Susquehannock, led by our Senior Patrol Leader, Michael Mickle. The Brown sea scouts went with their leaders, Bill Clopton and Stuart Williams to work on their activities that included swimming and nature. Last night the Brown Sea scouts worked on their lifesaving techniques in the pool. This is where they make floatation devices out of their clothes. This is good stuff. Many have passed the swim test as well.
A couple of leaders went to the handicraft lodge and made leather belts. We get to finish them tonight.
I will not bore you with too many more details. I will just say that your sons have been a joy . We get fulfilled by watching them grow and learn. They have bonded well.
The photos are starting to arrive from the leaders so they will be coming faster and more often. Thanks for your patience.

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5 thoughts on “Having Fun!!!

  1. Jessica

    Thank you guys for all that you do and are doing for our boys. I know they are in good hands.

  2. rtamib

    Thank YOU for you time and patience.

  3. Sheila Hyde

    I LOVE all the pictures! The pottery shot with Mr. Trickett and Mr. Bider was a tad disturbing, LOL!!
    So happy to see everyone having fun!!

  4. Delilah O'Leary

    What wonderful men you are to give your time to our sons! Thank you for posting the pictures and all you do!:)

  5. Kristine Clopton

    Great pictures. I am enjoying looking at them all. Thanks for everything you are doing for them.

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